People Empowering People


1. Self-determination and autonomy at the individual and group levels

2. Consumer choice as citizens

3. Protection of people who assert their rights

4. Diversity

5. Transparency

6. Honesty and integrity

7. People are people

8. Person-driven health care

9. Elimination of mental health disparity

10. Hope - People can and do recover

11. Principals of Recovery as outlined by SAMHSA

12. Whole-person wellness

13. Rights and Responsibilities

14. Community

a. Broad based representation

b. Power of numbers

c. Being part of a greater whole

d. Equity among communities

e. Resources

f. Natural supports

15. Peer support services

16. Leadership in public policy development and implementation at all levels

17. Passion

18. Assumption of goodwill

19. Respect for different world views

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